29.08 – 03.10.2015 –
Nora Axnick, Wouter van der Laan, Romy Muijrers, Wim Warrink, Joyce ter Weele

From 29 August until 3 October 2015 Vonkel shows the work of five young talents who graduated this year from Dutch art academies. 

Through their paintings and works on paper Nora Axnick (Academy Enschede), Wouter van der Laan (Academy Utrecht), Romy Muijrers (Royal Academy The Hague), Joyce ter Weele (Academy Groningen) en Wim Warrink (Academy Groningen) portray what moves young Dutch artists today.

Articles on Nora Axnick, Wouter van der Laan and Wim Warrink have appeared in (digital) magazines like Metropolis M and Mister Motley. Romy Muijrers was recently nominated for the Piket Award for Painting. At their graduation, Joyce ter Weele and Wim Warrink  respectively won the Coba de Grootstipend and the Klaas Dijkstra Academy award.

A selection of their works will be shown by Vonkel at Art The Hague: www.artthehague.nl.

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