18.03 – 23.05.2015 –
Anne Meijer

From 18 March until 23 May 2015, Vonkel presents the new solo exhibition of Anne Meijer.  In her canvases, in which she combines photography with painting, the artist questions the way children are portrayed. 

Until the end of the 19th century painters and photographers portrayed children as small adults. During the 20th century, portraits of children tend to become more playful and unidimensionally ‘cute’,  certainly influenced by Disney Studios and the Japanese comic industry.

In her layered canvases, Anne Meijer researches the divers aspects of children. She not only paints the visible outside of them, but also the more primitive and natural dimensions underneath. By doing so, she dares to question the model image of the modern child and adds self-consciousness, sensuality and other so-called adult emotions to those of the child.

Which perception of children is more adequate? The one that we have grown accustomed to or the one Anne Meijer shows us?

Resume Anne Meijer