Until December 3rd, Maarten van Soest, nominated for the Royal Award for Autonomous Painting in 2015, shows his new works at Vonkel. His solo exhibition is entitled ‘On the cutting edge’.

The works of Maarten van Soest are seemingly simple. A few panels, some still wrapped in bubble foil, crudely taped together. Those who just take a quick look, will discard Maarten van Soest as an obvious exponent of his time, his idiom being strongly influenced by the revival of the minimalist movement that was at its peak in 2013, the year he graduated from the ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in Utrecht.

Anyone who takes a closer look, will soon discover more than strong shapes and colours though. This artist paints illusions that meet the minimalist criteria, but are in fact beautifully painted gems. But for the panels, nothing is real. What the eye sees is pure paint, from the tape to the bubble foil, both of which cannot be distinguished from real.

Maarten van Soest invites the spectator to look with his eyes, not his ears. He does not want to emphasize the why, but the how.

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